a special experience

In Spain, as well as in France, still we have “free flying”. But not in protected areas like the Natural Park Cabo dee Gata, which are the home of rare birds. Three from six solicitaded areas where finally approved from the envirement agency

El Campillo – (beside the house), with west wind – 10 min walk to the take off. Playing field all day long, for everybody

Las Negras (coast soaring), with east wind – reachable with 15 min driving. Very comfortable, but not easy starting.

La Isleta (walk & fly), with south wind – 15 min by car – one hour hiking to take off.

The guiding in is absolutely necessary! For La Isleta flying is prohibited within 15. of June to 15. of October

El Campillo

Flying on the local mountain “El Campillo”. This is my mountain! This is where I learned to fly in 2005, and since then I have spent countless hours in the air here. Have seen my children grow up here – who has that already!.

Flyable at the main wind direction from the west, so very frequent. The starting place can be reached on foot in 10 min, toplande possibility!

The gods must be gracious to me for giving me this mountain.

Las Negras

An absolute highlight. Pure relaxation, in laminar sea winds, surrendering to contemplation. Or wingovers and spirals for the adrenaline level.

The easterly wind positions are very frequent and often allow hours of flights up to 300 m altitude in a wide winding band far beyond the sea.

Here you can fly all year round

La Isleta – Walk & Fly

This is where the overall experience counts. The starting point is the beach of La Isleta. From here you will first pass through palm groves to the hiking trail that leads to the plateau “La Rellana”. The starting place is at an altitude of 400 m. In good conditions, you can fly up to just under 1000 m. Landing is then on the beach or the square in front.

However, there are 2 other possibilities of ascension with only about 200 hm that have to be overcome.

From 15 June to 15 October it is not allowed to fly.

Flying in the Nature