within one driving hour

Compared to the Alps or Pyrenees, the local mountain ranges are rather modest, but have the enormous advantage that due to the steppe-like vegetation can be started and landed almost anywhere. Thus, there are hardly any limits to the desire to discover new flight areas. Flying season is all year round, with better conditions in the winter half-year.

With around a dozen flight areas available, it is possible to react very flexibly to different weather conditions


Los Baños de Sierra Alhamilla

Flight area oriented to SW, reachable in half an hour. Flying in a magnificent film setting overlooking the sea. Reliable thermals allow flights up to 1000 m above the take off and thus also route flights are possible. Even the soaring at a lower altitude is a great pleasure in dynamic winds. Everything very comfortable – parking is done directly at the main take-off place and the return from the landing site is to be done in 15 minutes.

La Ermita

The “Ermita”, the starting place is located at an altitude of about 1100 m with a great view of the surrounding mountain ranges, and the “Desert of Tabernas”. Alignment is NE. The landing site is located in the dry river bed of the “Rio Andarax” at about 300 hm. The journey takes just under an hour. The best conditions are in easterly winds and often in the morning.

A delight of a special kind!


Collado Garcia

This is the name of the pass height in the “Sierra de los Filabres” at an altitude of about 1200 m. Thanks to the well-developed roads, the 80 km of access can be made in one hour. It is a south-facing flank and therefore thermally very productive. Fantastic soaring conditions with toplanding  options are usually to be found in the afternoon until sunset. Route flights are possible. Retrieval from the landing site in the valley takes about 20 min


Castala is located on the western flank of the Sierra de Gador.  A quick journey is to be made in an hour, in the middle of the famous, overt plastic sea of Almeria. A very nice drive through the “Alpujarras Almeriense” takes only 15 minutes longer.

Thermally very reliable, it is flyable on many days and often offers possibilities for route flights to Almeria

It is miraculously protected: you can see the whipped up sea 20 km away and still fly in gentle thermal conditions. Occasionally the “Liga Andaluz de Parapente” takes place here.

Cuevas de los Ubedas

Here on the rising southern flank of the “Sierra Alhamilla” there are two beautiful soaring edges facing west and east. They are great fun edges with perfect toplanding conditions in beautiful surroundings. The journey takes only half an hour.

Especially the western area is often flyable, In dynamic winds, even in strong winds, often with stored thermals. The approach to the starting place is easy and the return from the landing site in the valley is to be done in 10 min.

Cuevas is ideal as a training ground for beginners or for warm-up for low-flyers


To the north stretches the coastal mountains “Sierra Cabrera”. On the eastern flank the picturesque town “Mojacar” is located. The starting place is located at 400 hm, landed on the beach. The journey takes less than an hour. However, the last part of the access road is currently almost impassable, so that the remaining 150 hm can be covered on foot.

But the effort is worth it! Often very nice and extensive flights reward the effort. And the panoramic view of more than 50 km of Mediterranean coast is a feast for the eyes. Any waiting times are not an accident here. The landing on the beach ensures a crowning conclusion.

El Aguilon

“El Aguilon” means “The Gable” and belongs to the cross-section of this mini-mountain. It is a very steep gable with an almost razor-sharp ridge height up to about 400 hm. This ridge is located in the northeastern part of the province of Almeria. From the coast only about 4 km away, reliable sea breezes can be expected, especially in the summer months. Hours of flights, usually far above the ridge, are often possible until the dark.

The access is also to be made here in an hour, the majority of the route goes over the highway. However, a steep final ascent on foot to the starting place is also necessary here. At sufficient altitude you can fly up to the “Chiringito” on the beach.

El Toyo

You can fly here in strong winds, but it doesn’t really deserve the designation as a flying zone. Rather, it is a grandiose playground directly on the sea with a “fun edge” about 5 m high and almost 100 m long above the mostly gritty beach. An upstream, large, barrier-free space is perfect for ground handling.

Here, too, the panorama of the Bay of Almeria overlooking the Cape of “Cabo de Gata” is a icing on the cake for the flying experience

Flying in Almeria province