Paragliding around Cabo de Gata

The Regentaler Paragliding Club has been a frequent guest of our stake. A certain audacity cannot be denied to these Bavarian people.  Here is a compilation of the best scenes of their stays at Cabo de Gata.

Flight areas:

La Ermita – Aguadulce – Sierra Alhamilla – El Campillo – Castala – Las Negras – Cuevas – La Isleta

Here are the pictures of the stays of the Westerwald paragliders from 2013 Also in attendance were Jürgen and Thomas from Emsland and Roland, the “Bayrisch Bub”

Flight areas:

La Ermita – Mojacar – Guiainos – Collado Garcia – Sierra Alhamilla – Las Negras

Our loyal aviators from the Gleitschirmzentrum Dresden have been here several times.

The pictures were taken during their first visit in spring 2012.

Flight areas:

Collado Garcia – El Campillo – La Isleta – Aguadulce  – Cuevas

In November 2018 we had a group trom the “Norddeutsche Gleitschirmschule” as  guests. In autumnal sun we had an excellent flight yield and also a lot of fun.

Flight areas:

La Ermita – Sierra Alhamilla – Collado Garcia – El Campillo – Las Negras

With the 14-member group around the flight school MANTA from Bassano, our guest house was occupied to the edge.

It was flown every day

Flight areas:

Las Negras – Sierra Alhamilla – La Ermita – Cenes de la Vega – La Isletta – Castala

Beginner course in spring 2017 in El Campillo in cooperation with the flight school DRACO from Cenes de la Vega

Spread over two weekends, a successful basic course took place here and the surrounding hills of El Campillo. Also in Las Negras practiced.

Participant was also our son Lucas

In February 2017 we had the fliers around René Weisshäuptl from “Fly Hohe Wand”, Austria, as guests for the second time.

Flight areas:

La Ermita – Sierra Alhamilla – Cuevas – Campillo – Castala – El Toyo

Two wonderful weeks in June 2018 we had with Jaques & Friends from La Reunion, as well as with Andreas, Kurt and Leo from Berlin

Flight areas:

Collado Garcia – Sierra Alhamilla – Cuevas – Campillo – La Ermita

A group of pilots from Bamberg together with an English group around Paul Williams certainly had no regrets about escaping the grey November weather of northern Europe

Flight areas:

La Ermita – Castala – Cuevas

Already several times we have had Klaus Schwarzer with his FlyArt people as guests, the following pictures are from February 2017

Flight areas:

Cuevas – La Ermita – Sierra Alhamilla