desert meets beach

The natural park CABO DE GATA – NIJAR covers a land area of 38000 hectares with a further 12000 hectares of marine environment. It is a real jewel, this volcanically created landscape

In 1987 the Junta de Andalucia put the area under protection by establishing the natural park. Ten years later UNESCO declared the park a biosphere Reserve. Due to the wealth of minerals found here the park has been part of the “Geoparks” network since 2007.

This is an area relatively untouched by mass tourism, you can always discover something new and exciting.

Outside the summer months, it is a paradise for cyclists and walkers. There are countless paths through many varied landscapes that lead to coves that deserve all the superlatives of beauty and uniqueness.

Because this a cape, there is always one side exposed the winds and the othe protected. So the park offers beaches and coves to suit all tastes.

Many may already be familiar with this landscape because of the countless movies that have been shot here. Among others, “Lawrence of Arabia, “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” and countless “Spaqhetti Westerns” like “The good, the bad and the ugly,” A fistful of dollars” and “Django”. It is also possible to visit the locations they used.

Today, the park is popular worldwide and is considered an ideal place for the adventurer in search of a pristine wilderness.

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